Strangers in Between ( DRESS REHEARSAL )

21 Jun, 22 Jun, 23 Jun, 24 Jun, 25 Jun, 26 Jun, 28 Jun, 29 Jun, 30 Jun, 1 Jul and 13 more dates

at Kings Head Theatre

Shane is sixteen, cute and scared sh*tless. He’s just fled his home in rural Australia for downtown Sydney.  Adrift among the lonely hearts and heady thrills of King’s Cross, Shane attempts to navigate the troubled waters of his past toward a brighter future.

The King’s Head Theatre presents the UK premiere of Tommy Murphy’s critically acclaimed drama of friendship, sex and escapism. With humour and sensitivity, Strangers in Between, offers an unflinching look at the highs and lows of being gay in modern Australia.

photos (c) www.stagehotographer.co.uk  Andreas Grieger

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