@Trainspotting – Rehearsal

3 Feb, 4 Feb, 5 Feb, 6 Feb, 7 Feb, 9 Feb, 10 Feb, 11 Feb, 12 Feb, 13 Feb and 12 more dates

at Kings Head Theatre

The sell-out Edinburgh hit which Irvine Welsh describes as “shocking… and I wrote the f*cking thing!” is back!

After a 5 star critically acclaimed and sell out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and the King’s Head Theatre in London, In Your Face Theatre and the King’s Head Theatre’s production of Irvine Welsh’s cult, generation-defining novel Trainspotting is back before it tours the UK! This punchy, 75 minute production recaptures the passion and the controversy of the famous novel, then globally successful film, and repackages it into an immersive production – the audience are literally part of the show, including the notorious “Worst Toilet in Scotland” scene.

Both Edinburgh and London critics have praised the production highly, describing it as “utterly amazing” (London Theatre 1), “intense, funny, and moving” (Box Dust) and “bold, unique, and like nothing else you’ll see on stage” (Entertainment Focus). For avid fans this is a must, and if you’ve never read the book or seen the film: this is your ticket to a ride you won’t soon forget.

Ages 16+ Only

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